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Caught Your Little Asian Dick Growing Hard While Sniffing My Dirty Laundry


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12 February 2011

Aw… are you SERIOUS?!?! In my dirty laundry AGAIN?!! You’re such a little pervert! Is that the only way you can get off with that tiny little dick of yours?!?! How pathetic. Is it my panties you’re after… or my socks… or my shorts?

I can’t believe you’re still hard and so turned on after I’ve actually caught you in the act!! I know… let’s see just how sad and inferior you feel. I’m going to leave the room again and pretend to accidentally catch you all over again. Would you like that? If I exaggerate all the drama and make a REALLY big deal this time about how much I pity you?

I’m going to love seeing you get off and come all over my bedroom carpet with your itty bitty dick jerked like a little pencil between your thighs!

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