"While a fantasy is not supposed to be 'real', you brought a quality that made the idea of it seem real, and that's what it's all about; the idea of it."

You’re the Mysterious Stranger with a Foot Fetish Secretly Sneaking in a Jerk


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7 October 2010

Did you see that guy while we were waiting for a table? I think he was staring at my FEET!!! So strange. I don’t see him now… it’s so great to hang out with all of my girlfriends again. We’re going to have a fantastic dinner! Oh, I lost my shoe!! No, under the table. I was absentmindedly dangling again. I just can’t help it!

I might as well leave it off…. Hey, I bet that gentleman with the foot fetish would LOVE to see my bare feet dangling under the table right now!

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