"I never had fantasies until I found you."

Eager to Tease Your Fetish When I Discover Your Interest in My Soles


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22 February 2012

Is that… are you… you ARE staring at my feet while I absentmindedly dangle my high heel pumps! Aren’t you in the library for a reason, supposedly researching something or studying hard? You’re studying all right… the soles of my pantyhose covered feet! That’s so odd. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Every time I look over, you’re still looking! Not even at “me,” but at my FEET! Is it the dangling shoes that you love, how they dangerously teeter from my toes with the threat of falling completely off completely? Is it seeing the sensitive, vulnerable bottom of my little feet that turns you on?

I have no idea what you get from staring… or what you love about feet… but I am definitely starting to love teasing you with them as I observe your unique fetish…