"I've been binging on you for two days, producing a half pint of semen tribute. I LOVE your work."

You Have an Appointment with Your Psychiatrist to Assess Your Foot Fetish


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4 August 2009

Come on in, and have a seat. That’s it. My name is Dr. Tainton, and it’s a pleasure to meet you. Now, I want to start with a general interview, just asking you a few questions about your foot fetish to assess the depth and variety of your fetish.

How long have you had this condition? And what exactly is it about feet that you react to? What would you say the level of your arousal is when you view a trigger image? Oh, excuse me a second. These shoes! My feet have been killing me all day. I’m just going to prop them up on this stool.

Now, is it high heels that you are turned by? Or just bare feet? Oh, excuse me again. I’m just going to have to remove my pumps all together. Ah, that’s so much better!

Now, is it any sight of women’s feet that triggers a sexual response for you? I see…