"I am in awe of you... hence I am sending a request that, if made, may give me a heart attack, but what a way to go."

Which Shoes Should I Wear Out Tonight?


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2 July 2009

I’m having such a hard time… would you help me choose which shoes to wear? I have my collection all strewn out for you. I’ll even model some. I could really use your help. It’s such a difficult decision!

I like these… and these… and those too…. How about these? No? Okay… oh, you like those? I’ll model them for you, and you can tell me what you think… Yes? Perfect! I do love them.

I have just a bit of time yet to wait before my girl friend arrives. I should practice my dangling! I’m getting so darn good at it you know… See how I manage to hang onto my strappy sandal by just one toe and that itty bitty strap? Now, the other shoe….