"I have to admit, before I stumbled upon your studio, I wasn't particularly fascinated with this genre. I learned to embrace the genre after taking a chance on a previous video of yours; this one solidifies that embrace."

Spotted Sexily Dangling My Strappy Sandals at the Bar


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20 November 2009

Oh, I get so carried away! I’m just sitting and talking on the phone to my girlfriend, trying to get her here to the bar with me as fast as possible. I don’t like drinking alone. I wish she’d get here.

And the more I talk, the more I seem to lose track of the fact that I’m playing with my shoes! Oh, but it feels so good for my strappy sandals to be sliding down my bare feet… off my heels, over my arches, and down dangling on my toes. Free at last! It’s so comforting. I just can’t help it. Oops, there goes another one!!