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High-Speed Masturbation Marathon: Footsie Edition


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29 May 2015

No time for a warmup; it all begins NOW! This is your next challenge: a masturbation marathon designed for foot lovers and hardcore masturbators alike. This time, my FEET will dictate your pace, your position, the sensation, the attention, and ALL the action your cock is gonna get!

Can you keep up with them? We’re BOTH going to tax our muscles this time! I hope your big muscle ready… have the stamina necessary to sustain yourself for this new challenge??! We’re gonna go longer, harder, and have MORE FUN! (Oh, did I mention I MAY throw in an interlude or two where I DON’T allow you to touch your cock while I tease and torment you mercilessly before your eyes??)

Watch my feet and toes for direction; I’ll lay down all the rules for you… keep up with me, and you’ll be a winner! You’ll have me giggling in no time as we both tax ourselves to the max. If you succeed… if you can achieve this accomplishment… if you can reach the end of THIS marathon, you will have earned my highest respect indeed! If I can last this long, YOU can!

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