"It wasn't difficult to become ensnared with your seductive and highly imaginative clips. I'm always eager to see what you come up with next."

High-Speed Masturbation Marathon: Metronomic Edition


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16 January 2015

You’ve asked for it… BEGGED for it, in fact. It’s time for a brand new edition of my all-time most popular High-Speed Masturbation Marathon stamina-testing video series. You’ll be challenged in a brand new way. A blood-pumping, heart-racing, metabolism-boosting stamina challenge awaits you.

Forget what you’ve learned in the past, how far you’ve come with one of my masturbatory training sessions after another, and how much you BELIEVE you’ve achieved. This is your brand new test: stopping, starting, speeding up and slowly down at unbelievable new rates, multiple countdowns, and various stroking techniques.

As with past editions, many of you, MOST of you, won’t even make it past the 10-minute mark. I doubt ANY of you will make it all the way to the end on your first go. This is a mental challenge as well as physical… even your libido will be working against you when I really bring on the serious tease to add to your torment.

Eventually… perhaps… if you’re really, truly a cut above the rest… you’ll succeed at this challenge after many, many trials. And THAT is a real triumph. THAT is something to truly be proud of. You’ll belong to the ELITE.