"Your scene build up is flawless. The one thing I really like in all of your videos, that you take time to build up the scene."

You’re in MY Hands Now and Completely Overpowered


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19 September 2010

Is it so bad that I’m taking advantage of my neighbor’s friendly, gentlemanly nature? So awful that I’ve deviously called him over to my place with an ulterior motive. I can’t help it if I like to exercise my power over men, to put them in their place, and surprise them by physically overpowering their own strong bodies.

I’m prepared to take charge of the situation, to kidnap him, to take him by force and pressure him to my will. To create my own slave who is inclined to cater to my every whim… has NO CHOICE actually… and is kept for my own amusement. Oh, but that’s not even the quintessential element of my plan.

I’m going to overpower him, threaten him, and control his struggles and stifle his cries with my hands… my bare, smooth, strong, feminine hands. I’m going to smother his voice, cover his tense mouth, show him my powerful fist, and make him take in the scent of the palms he’ll be hushed and controlled by for days, months, years to come…