"I've watched a lot of performers, but none of them compare to you!"

Who’s in Control NOW?


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29 July 2016

You came into my home… tried to put your hand over my mouth to knock me out… attempted to bind me down with rope… BUT I turned the tables on you! …I know just how to deliver a swift, powerful knee to the groin, even in the midst of a struggle…

Who’s bound now?? Who was made to feel my sweaty hand covering his mouth?? Who’s lying helpless and defenseless just where he believed he’d be the one dominating and taking all pleasure tonight? You don’t understand just who you attempted to dominate… but I’ll MAKE you understand.

I’m going to quiet you with my panties stuffed in your unassuming mouth and have my way with you… I’m going to torment you, lord my power over you, take every advantage of your fragile state, and teach you to worship my control, my dominance, and MY strap on cock! You will submit… whether you choose to or not.