"There's something about how much more real your clips seem to be because you'll take the time to set it up right instead of just getting straight to the sex. It gets me off so much harder than anything else."

Demonstrating My Intentions to Crush Your Bare Hands Under My Feet


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14 March 2011

It’s time for your punishment. Well… a prelude to your punishment. You know I love to string you along in agony and prolong your torment. I’ve had enough, and you’re going to be punished for your wrongdoing.

You DESERVE to be in pain. Your hands look strong but… do you know what the full pressure of my own bare feet and full body weight standing on those hands of yours would do to them? Can you feel how they’d break and bunkle beneath me, your tender flesh tearing at the pressure, my toe prints permanently embedded in your skin?

I’m going to show you exactly what I’m going to do to you. Let’s see how long I can stand on my toes, from one foot to the next, while squishing soft bread – much like your vulnerable hands! – by my powerful crush.