"Although fantasy, you integrate an extra individuality that lets your own self shine through a bit."

You’re Going to Jerk That Little Thing with Tiny Tweezers


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26 September 2023

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

What do you want? And how did you get in here?? Oh, you want to get off. Well, can’t you do that on your own? Yes, yes, of course, you want ME to help. I can’t blame you. I AM a professional. All right, I’ll indulge you. Now, take off your clothes. Oh, what, you’re SHY now??

You were stroking your package when I turned around! GET – YOUR – CLOTHES – OFF! Now, isn’t that… whoa… wha… ha ha ha ha ha! Oh my gosh! Why, I’ve NEVER… hee hee ha ha! All right, yes, I AM a professional. I can maintain my cool. It’s just… well, I’ve never seen one THAT small. I’ve seen “small,” but… well, yours is MICROSCOPIC! You know what? I have just the thing for you in this drawer here: tweezers!

I want you to take the tweezers and jerk your tiny dick for me. That’s it… oh, it slipped out of the tweezers? Well, you’re going to have to use them because my fingers are obviously too big to find, let alone hold, your wee penis. Now, jerk that little dicky with my tweezers! Yeah, that’s it… yank it…oops, did it fall away again? Geeze, how do you function with that thing? And how am I ever even gonna see if you come AT ALL??