"I love your videos. They all have so much personality and your wild sexuality."

Seduced into Submission by a Sexy Sorceress


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25 May 2010

What if you found yourself completely under the command of a sexy sorceress? What if you were helpless to exercise your own former free will? What if you had no choice but to follow her every direction, listen to her seductive voice delivered by her powers of mental telepathy as you watched her standing before you, her lips not moving at all? What if you found yourself under a powerful woman’s spell, the most powerful woman you’ve ever known to exist?

Would you mind being toyed with as her plaything? Would you mind being forcibly subjected to her teasing show, display of her amazing powers, and magical movements as she appears, disappears, and reappears before your very eyes? Would you be frightened? Would you feel calm? Would you be able to control your erection?

And most importantly of all… would you be able to masturbate upon her command as you found yourself levitated, floating above her magically nude body while you’re completely nude and completely exposed yourself? Would being forced to come and allow your cum to rain down over her body below you be your biggest fantasy come true?