“The quality of your videos goes far beyond the standard. You’ll be able to last a very long time if you choose to.”

"The quality of your videos goes far beyond the standard. You'll be able to last a very long time if you choose to."

Your StepMom Must Get More Stern with Your Diaper Punishment


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23 December 2016

Oh, you are a naughty one! I just came in for your morning diaper change, and what’s this I smell? Poo?? Oh, my… this is not what I expected to have to deal with in executing your daily diaper punishment. Is that… is your… is it erect?! Oh, no, this has gone on long enough! I’ve caught you rubbing your diaper time and again.

I’ve noticed your affinity for stepmom’s dirty panties. I don’t even want to know what you do with them when I’m not looking! Oh, this must stop! I’m going to spank you right now. Come here, and bend over my knee! No, this is not supposed to be fun! You STILL have a stand-up dicky?! Bend over my knee, and I’ll use the wooden hairbrush. Now, I’m not stopping whacking your bare bottom until you quit wailing! Oh, you STILL have an erection!

That’s it, I’m going to have to take care of it. You’re going to come in my hand, and then you’re going to lick my hand clean. STILL erect?! Oh, this is completely uncalled for! You better decide how long you want to wait to come again as THIS is the last time! Stepmom’s going to rub your dicky while you clean her dirty panties in your own mouth. Yes, you ARE going to!

Now, I have something new for you, something to make this diaper punishment as serious for you as you SHOULD be taking it. I’m going to lock up your penis in chastity. It belongs to ME now, and is not yours to rub! Now, I’m going to finish diapering you and stand you in the corner for a full hour!