"It goes without saying that your irresistible quality takes me to new heights and that is something that is invaluable."

I’m Going to Spank that Hard-On Right Out of You!


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4 April 2017

Your mother is the master of mixed signals.  AND she was blessed with the world’s most luscious breasts.  You can’t help it – you’ve TRIED.  You can’t stave off your raging hard-on when your mother’s tits are within view.  ESPECIALLY when she’s purposely teasing and taunting you.

And you know it comes with consequences.  You know it’s gonna hurt.  You know your mother is humiliated, undeniably embarrassed by her own son getting an erection in her presence.  You know you’re going to have to pay.  For looking.  For listening.  For aching for the most beautiful breasts in the world.

Even when you’re condemned to bending over her knee, lying across her lap – erection intact – and being subjected to one strike of the wooden hairbrush after another.  And even when your mother resorts to the worst punishment she can think of: wrapping her own bare hand around your relentlessly hard cock and holding it securely while she spanks it with her other hand.

How long can your hard-on last?