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Your StepMom Is Ready to Issue Your Diaper Punishment AGAIN


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15 October 2012

Oh, I can’t believe this is happening again… after all we’ve been through?! After an entire year of diaper punishment and your chosen regression, I’m face – yet again – with the issue of your… your… your ISSUES!!! Why can’t you grow up??

All right, I obviously didn’t handle your year long punishment and diapering appropriately last time. I’m going to be VERY stern this time, I promise you! That is, IF you choose to regress into diaper and not be permitted to use the toilet for yet another year. That’s diapers 24/7 for you… feeling that wetness against your bare bottom until I choose to change you.

Oh, it’s not going to be so fun for you this time. The instruction will be stern, mommy’s demands will be humiliating. I’m going to break you of your diaper addiction and turn you into a well adjusted adult if it’s the last thing I do! …starting with you donning a diaper this very moment, wetting it on command, diddling your little hole by my direction, listening to mommy’s dirty dictation and condescending tone, and jerky inside that damp diaper until you come. Then, if you really want to regress, we better feed you your own MILK!