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Your StepMom Is Ready to Issue your Diaper Punishment


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9 June 2011

I’ve been waiting for you to get home from school. Now, sit down here next to me, my favorite stepson. We have something very serious to talk about. I think I know what you’ve been trying to express to me lately… by your acting out and misbehavior.

I found that adult-sized diaper in your dresser drawer and I… I went online and researched the matter. In fact, I learned so much that… well, I think it might be best for you. Do you really want to revert back to diaper punishment? Now, it’s a BIG decision. And if you decide that’s what you really need, you can communicate the same to me by being fully undressed when I return to your room.

If not, we’ll forget the whole thing and never speak of it again. But if I enter and find you’ve decided to go ahead with it, let me warn you, you’re going to be in diapers 24/7 for at least an entire year. No more toilet time for you, young man. You’re going to be spanked for being bad, starting today, you’ll have your mouth washed out with soap, and even corner time. Are you ready for all of that??

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