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Deserved Spankings and Coddling for Lying to Your Mum


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26 September 2011

Unbelievable. I thought I could trust you! You didn’t tell me about this test you scored horribly on. I just found it hidden away in your backpack! Now, I’m so very disappointed in you. Do you think it’s perfectly all right to lie to your own mum? No, IT IS NOT.

Now, come here and sit on my lap so that I can explain to you just how important this situation is… I’ve already decided on your punishment. You’re going to be given 30 spankings on your bare bottom. Understand? There is no negotiating it.

Now, I’m going to carry you upstairs and carry out your punishment. We’ll just unzip your pants, tug down your underwear, and you’re going to bend over my knee. Grab the wooden hairbrush for me. Stop crying. Bend over… Now, you’re going straight to bed. Are you sure you understand how you failed me this afternoon? Okay then.

Let’s diaper you up and tuck you in. Hold still now. I love to see your smile again. Would you like me to read a bedtime story to you? How about if I tell you one of my very own? Now, close your little eyes… and remember… your mum loves you very much.