“I’ve never e-mailed a woman from a clip before, but felt compelled on this… that clip was just so great!!”

"I've never e-mailed a woman from a clip before, but felt compelled on this... that clip was just so great!!"

Your Step Mom Lures You into Spraying Your Cum for Her Again


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20 April 2009

Hey, Honey… Can you come into my bedroom for just a minute? I need your help with something…

Hi, there. Why don’t you sit down on the bed right next to me? Remember when we talked the other day in the kitchen and I helped you with that little problem you were having at school? Yes, we took care of that, didn’t we? Now, you’re so much more grown up and know just how to remedy that embarrassing bulge in your pants when it happens.

You know, I was so proud of you for being able to do that in front of me. You’re such a good boy, and I know your father would be so proud of you. I just wanted to teach you a bit more…

See, I’ve dressed up just to show you exactly how a woman dresses to please her man. Do you like how I look in this lingerie and stockings with gloves? Oh, I can SEE that you do! Very good. Now, I would be really happy and very grateful if you would do something very special for me…

I want you to let me watch you handle your penis and spray your hot cum all over again for me. I’ll make it worth your while…