“You have a great talent for role playing!”

"You have a great talent for role playing!"

Your Sexy Step Mom Proposes a Game to Get You to Get Out of Bed for School


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12 December 2009

Now, what are you doing still in bed? You know it’s time for school. And playing sick? Oh, that’s clever. Now, do you actually think your hot step mom is going to believe that you need to stay home with her all day? Well, it doesn’t hurt to try… especially when you start imagining being able to just look at her all day… all the better if she never dresses for the day and just stays in her black silk negligee!

If nothing else, you at least got her to come closer while you’re still tucked in your warm bed and bend over to check your forehead for a fever. Oh, no! She’s noticed your stiffy under the covers! Now, you’re in for it. Your scheme might be discovered. Or is it her devious, innocent seeming little plot to see your virginal dick in action again?

YOu can’t believe the position you’ve found yourself in. Your step mom’s proposed a little game… a very adult sort of wager. And all you have to do is jerk off for your step mommy, follow her every direction, and show her you’re grownup enough to hold off for a full 10 minutes before coming. You’re not allowed to cheat; the rules are strict. But you’re step mom sure is laying on the seductive moves really thick!