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Your Sister Loves to Shock You


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29 May 2020

Your sister is always surprising you.  In fact, she LOVES to shock you.  She’s brash, bratty, a royal bitch.  But you can’t help jerking off to her.

At least, she doesn’t KNOW that, or she’d never let you live it down.  In fact, you’re doing it WHEN she suddenly shows up in the bathroom while you’re enjoying time alone in the shower!  She doesn’t care; you know she loves teasing you.

She looks so hot in her tight yoga pants and… is she even wearing a bra?!?  If she’d just leave you alone again… but she just won’t stop harassing you.  She doesn’t know what she’s doing to you… until she demands to wash her hands… IN THE SHOWER.

You can’t help it – you don’t even think about it – you just drop your cock right into her soft hands.  This time, you’ve shocked HER, and she’s speechless.  But only for a few seconds…