"I've seen people that put such a half assed attempt into doing a clip and when I watch you over again, I realise that it probably isn't easy and how much effort and skill goes into your clips."

She Likes It


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3 February 2017

Your true life is like every man’s fantasy.  It’s becoming all the more difficult to determine the difference between the two.  After all, you were blessed with a completely adorable and sexy mother who has no idea what’s racing through your hormone-driven brain.  You love to imagine her in every way except that which is really occurring… she must be coming onto you the entire time, right?

She has to be… you know it… you see it before you…  She walks into the room asking to share your space to exercise in, and you’re mesmerized by her curvy bottom stretched before you… her pushups become breast presses as your vision transforms your mom into a breasty babe with everything to offer you.  Every part of your mom’s fitness routine turns erotic, every movement of hers must be begging for you to touch her… her words grow dirtier, her body blatantly begging for your cock time and time again.

Finally… she, drenched in a see-through t-shirt you just soaked yourself, beckons you to follow her into the shower after that hot, full exercise routine…. or so your overactive imagination believes.  You’re just as surprised as mommy is that she only wanted you to hand her a towel… but you take her anyway… and she breathlessly tells you she really likes it…

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