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Your Second Road Trip Together Reinforces Your Special Relationship


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6 January 2017

Oh, now, we will not have a repeat of last time. I’m glad that’s understood. In fact, we’re going to forget ALL about that. It’s been a while now since we’ve taken a little road trip together. Once again, we’re staying overnight, just the two of us, in this nice room… which is missing the second bed AGAIN!! Oh no. No no no. We can’t. No, I will not let this…

Okay, I’m going to call down to the front desk. Oh. Oh, they said you should be able to sleep on the couch. I guess… that’s… okay… You’re fine with that, aren’t you, honey? Yes, you’re such a sweetie. Now, mum’s going to hop in the shower and wash off this long day. Will you be okay in the room alone. Can you entertain yourself? I’ll just slip out of these clothes from the car, rinse off the day under the hot water, and slip into my nightie…

Did I just hear something while in the shower? No, can’t be… now, honey, let’s watch a movie together! It’ll be fun! Then, all ready for bed? Good. You get all cuddled up on the couch, I’ll make a nice bed of it for you, and… what? You’re scared? I’ll leave a light on, okay? Now, you mustn’t rustle around so much in the sheets. Honey, I can’t sleep with all that noise. Oh, just come into the big bed with me. But you better promise to SLEEP.

I’m sure it’ll be fine; there’s plenty of room for both of us. You don’t mind if I warm my chilly bare feet on you, do you? Now, what’s that?!? A… honey! No, no, no, now why did that happen? Why is your penis so erect?! I told you… we CANNOT… it’s not… oh, but your body’s so nice and warm…

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