"I just wanted to let you know that you are simply the BEST at what you do. It's like you've read my mind and are delivering EXACTLY the kind of fantasy I was wishing for."

Your Post-Circumcision Checkup Compares Your New Clean Dick to Your Nasty Former Foreskin


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19 April 2011

Let’s take a look here… how has life been since your circumcision? It’s been what? Three months now since the doctor recommended your surgery. That unclean foreskin is no more! My, how beautiful your cock now looks without it! I just need to examine you closely and ensure everything is going well post-surgery. Wow! Such an improvement!

Now, how has your sex life been since joining the ranks of cleanly circumcised men?? That’s what I love to hear! More sex? More compliments? Less smell? A vast aesthetic improvement? Oh, your former foreskin was indeed truly atrocious! I remember it clearly. In fact, the full female medical staff here was discussing how shocking your uncut penis was on your last visit!

Oh, I remember a former boyfriend of mine who wasn’t circumcised…. I used to cheat on him! Now, I have a boyfriend with a cleanly cut cock and…. well, I’m getting carried away. You know, your newly circumcised cock is just SO attractive… I feel so tempted to try it out myself… it feels so smooth in my hand…