“I got several of your videos last week, I haven’t gotten through them yet, because I keep coming before it’s over.”

"I got several of your videos last week, I haven't gotten through them yet, because I keep coming before it's over."

Shocked Nurse Inspects Your Foreskin and Urges You to Have It Removed


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21 February 2010

Now, let’s see…. it looks like you’re due for a routine physical? For your college entrance requirements? Well, congratulations. You must be excited about starting college soon. Let’s take a look at you… I just need to go through some routine procedures and get a good look at you… Now, I do have to conduct a penis examination as well. You do seem shy about that. I assure you, I’ve seen LOTS of penises in my nursing career and you shouldn’t be embarrassed one bit.

Go ahead and remove your underwear for me. There you go. Now, let me just take a look at you… Oh, my! Is that a foreskin?!? Why, I have NEVER seen a real foreskin in all of my life! I’ve only seen photos in medical textbooks… so interesting!

Would you be so kind as to demonstrate how your uncircumcised penis works? Can you pull the foreskin back and taut for me? My goodness… such a medical novelty! Well, I better check your cleanliness right away then… ooooh! Looks like I better put on the rubber gloves and clean under your foreskin for you… Now, considering you’re about to begin a sexually active lifestyle, I have to urge you to consider going through with your circumcision. It’s a very routine procedure, even at your age. You’ll only be in pain for a few days while it heals and… I must admit, women, including myself, PREFER a clean, cut look.

Now, if you’re still insisting on clinging to that foreskin of yours, I’ll just have to persuade you otherwise. I’ll show you just how women will respond to your NEW circumcised appearance! Mind if I remove my uniform?