“Your videos are the best on the net.”

"Your videos are the best on the net."

Your Tiny Dick Problem Is Cured as You’re Humiliated in the Operating Room


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10 December 2009

At the nurse’s prompting at your last appointment for a routine physical, you’ve made an appointment to consult the doctor herself. When you enter her office casually, expecting to be laughed at and embarrassed all over again, you can’t guess that the doctor is quite casual about the whole visit and assuming a case of “unusually small penis size” must be a complete joke.

But when she sees that tiny lump of skin between your legs, she’s completely horrified. Stunned and disbelieving, she questions the quality of your life itself… “how do you take a piss with that thing?” she wonders. You don’t have any answers. All you can think about is how utterly humiliating it is to be treated as a biological anomaly, a medical myth. When the doctor insists you must be rushed to the operating room immediately for emergency surgery to correct your fatal problem, you wonder how you ever survived as a man with such a tiny dick. But your worst nightmare is yet to be realized.

You wake up in a haze in the operating room with the full dressed surgeon standing before you. As you hear her joke and laugh and make fun all completely at the expense of your small penis, you realize that the anesthesia wasn’t administered properly. Every female in the operating room believes you’re fast asleep and couldn’t possibly be listening to the never ending humiliation.

By the time you realize the final outcome of the operation, you can’t decide whether you’re living out a nightmare or you’ve actually been blessed with never having to deal with your embarrassing baby pee pee again…