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Your New Nanny Wants Her Sockjob Payment in Advance


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30 July 2009

Your wish has come true! A beautiful girl, all prim and proper in glasses, tidy hair, and a tight sweater, has answered your ad and arrived right at your door! It looks like you have the nanny of your dreams after all, here to handle all of your household and personal needs.

But wait! It seems she doesn’t want the offered payment. No, she claims she is in need of another form of payment entirely. And she’s asking you to commit to a different agreement right here and now in order for her to take the job. If you agree to the terms, she’s ready to move into your spare room today. Ah, but she must have her advance payment. In fact, she’s demanding it!

And just what might she be hiding in her big bag she’s holding onto so tightly???

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