"I'm impressed with how much personality you have on screen and how you genuinely seem to want your fans to have the most erotic experience."

The Adventures of Jerky Boy!


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16 November 2021

I can’t believe I woke up from my nap with your hard cock right in my face! …your poor, over-exhausted nanny crashed on the couch before I could get you into bed for the night. And there you were, jerking your surprisingly big cock over your nanny while totally nude except for a towel draped over your back like a cape and some Zorro-style mask. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry!

But I did remember your mother explicitly telling me that you’ve developed a habit of running around the house nude and that I’m not to make you feel ashamed about your own body. But when you announce that you’re “Jerky Boy” and going to defeat me, the Evil Nanny, with your super squirt to convert me to someone nice and sweet, I just had no idea what I was in for that evening.

So, I played along and carried out my role, laughing and teasing you to help you unleash your load and, hopefully, be spent in time for bed. You exploded ALL over the place… and in my eye! But your adolescent cock was still hard and you still jerked it, even as I was forced to take off my stained shirt to get your shockingly sweet cum off of it. You impressed me, so I took you into the bathroom where you couldn’t stain anything and helped you with some lotion and my own hand the second time. I knew you just had to empty those balls in order to sleep.

But after you sprayed all over my face and bra, even a topless look at your nanny couldn’t subdue you. My last bit of brilliance was to convince you that you HAD turned me “sweet” and I would prove it to you by “kissing” your super cock in a very special way if you promised to get into your bed. It didn’t take long for me to make you come for the third time… mmm… like candy in my mouth!