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Your New Evil Stepmother Ridicules You with Her Pantyhosed Crotch and Heels


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2 August 2010

Now, listen here my stupid, perverted little stepson… I have NEWS for you! Things are going to be much different here in MY household than what you’re used to. You’re hideous mother is GONE now. No one to cry to. Your father isn’t even around… and he only listens to ME now anyway. He thinks I’m his lovely angel, totally enraptured with my beauty and seductive powers. It’s too bad I have to put up with looking at YOUR ugly face in exchange for all of your father’s money.

And don’t think I don’t notice the way you look at me. I see you staring at my legs in pantyhose, my high heel shoes, and hoping to catch a glimpse up my skirts. You pathetic, dirty little PERVERT!!! Is THIS what you want? Is it?!? Is this what you’ve been hoping to see? Oh, you ugly ones are all the same… you’d do anything to get closer to a woman’s crotch stuffed into sheer pantyhose… to sniff it… to lick it… ANYTHING! …even your own stepmother’s.

Are you watching me now, getting erect as you watch my fingers slide up my pantyhosed calf… up over my toned thigh… and up my own skirt? Do you know where your stepmother has been? Do you know the men I sleep with behind your father’s back? No, you’re not going to say a word, pathetic runt. I’ve got you wrapped around my little finger, just as I do your father and all the other men I seduce on a daily basis.

That’s why you’re going to serve as my toilet… licking me clean, front to back, right now in my pantyhose. That’s right… all the way from my slit, up my crack, and to my asshole….