"It almost seems unfair that someone should be lucky enough in the gene pool lottery to look like you at the same time as being so brainy."

Not This Time, Darling


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18 July 2020

Now, don’t follow Mommy. Just stay right here. Listen to Mommy. You know what happens when you don’t listen… you know what happens if you keep looking at your mommy. Now, what did I say? Are you watching me walk up the stairs anyway? In my sexy high heels and mini dress? Did you see Mommy’s ass sway back and forth?

Were your eyes following my smooth thighs and looking for a peek up my dress? Oh, come here. Let me look at you… YES. It’s happened again. My poor boy is all… HARD in his pants. You know what we must do when that happens. You know we have to take care of it right away.

Do as Mommy says. And do it right or you’re going to make Mommy have to use her LIPS to test it, put my MOUTH on it to see if it’s hard enough and if you’re going to come soon.

Oh, but I don’t think you should come this time. Not even after all of that. Just… because Mommy says so. hee hee hee