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Your Maid Teases You with the Vacuum, Sucks You Dry, and Makes Herself Come


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12 April 2009

Little do you know just how naughty and playful your cute little maid is. She notices you watching her doing the vacuuming, pushing that big, loud machine forward and back, forward and back around the room. Did she just bend over that way on purpose to give you a peek??

Be careful, she may catch you watching. And you don’t yet know how much she loves to tease. Oh, she’s on to you now! She wants to know if you want to get a bit DIRTY while she continues to clean… perhaps by using one of those sexy attachments on your cock? Your maid wants to bend down before you and attend to that bulge in your pants.

Oh, you think the fun’s over now that she’s sucked you dry? Oh, no. She wants you to watch her get herself off now. And my, how hot she looks in that little frilly uniform you make her wear with her panties pulled off and her bare pussy getting sucked with the vacuum between her tan legs in those black stockings…

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