"You are one of a kind. I first wish to thank you for what you do; you fulfill a desire that cannot be sated anywhere else."

She Needs It


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21 February 2023

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Your sexy, flirty, smiling mom… isn’t she just the most desirable MILF on the planet?  And she’s all yours…  She’s always leading you on; she totally craves your cock.  At least, that’s what you believe.  Whenever you see her, every moment of the day now really, your mind twists and turns every real moment into a sizzling sex scene straight from your favorite pornographic movies.

Oh, yes, your mom MUST be bending over, stretching her hot body before you, and leaning her breasts towards you JUST for your benefit.  She must be begging you to give it to her.  As she prepares your dinner, you see her playing with her ass and begging you to take her from behind… as she washes the day’s dishes, you know she gets the front of her thin shirt wet on purpose.  Was she wearing a bra or wasn’t she?  Reality fades to fantasy, and she’s giving you a wet handjob while her soaked tits and hard nipples bounce and sway and practically slap you in the face.  Milk for an after-school snack?  She must really be asking you if you want to lap it off her own tits…

You can’t stand it anymore, you’re going to give her just what you know she needs… and when her complaints turn to moans, you know you’re right.