“You’re really beautiful and I think I’m totally addicted to your videos now!”

"You're really beautiful and I think I'm totally addicted to your videos now!"

Sneaking Up on You for Some Sexy Surprise Vacuum Play


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10 February 2010

Shhhh… I’ll be as quiet as possible… I want to sneak up on you while you’re still sound asleep… to surprise you with some hot sexual fun! You’ve never tried this before, and neither have I. Oh, but I’ve heard it’s WONDERFUL!

I’m just going to quietly tiptoe in my high heels and stockings, plug in the vacuum, and give you the orgasm of your LIFE!! You know the sight of you coming with the delicious machine powered suction and filling the vacuum hose with your hot cum is going to make me want to play with it myself.

Will you watch me? I’m going to have to get off after I’ve sucked my nipples raw and my clit to swelling!!