"Obviously, you know that the mind is the #1 erogenous-zone, and it makes me so hard and cum so much because you put so much effort into your vids to make them so believable so that I can just lose myself in the scenario."

The Maid Discovers the Vibrating Vacuum Handle


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15 August 2009

Phew… I have my work cut out for me. Just look at this floor! My goodness; it’s a mess!! So filthy. I know just how to take care of that. I’m so good at what I do…

Working the vacuum cleaner and hoovering around is my specialty! I get up every last speck of dirt and dust and… my, this particular vacuum has such a strong vibration while it’s running. It’s so powerful! I can feel the vibrations running from my fingertips up through my arm…

If I just use this other vacuuming technique and stroke… ah, yes, that’s it. Now… I… can… do… AHHHHHHHHHHH… my… job… so…. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… much…. better!!! Oooh…ahhhh….eeeeeeeee!