"Having Tara Tainton do my roleplay would be my ideal - it has taken me some time to build up my courage to send it to Clips for Sale's No.1 performer."

Your Maid Has the Hots for You… Until She Sees Your Small Penis


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24 March 2010

You’re a lucky man. Your newest house maid hired is the hottest of them all. She’s a big flirt, and you know she has a huge crush on you. She must wear that lowcut mini dress and hot fishnet pantyhose just for you.

You’d love to turn your maid into your lover… after watching her bend over to clean those hard to reach spots in your home, turning around to check and see if you’re watching her, and bending forward to show off her milky cleavage every time she speaks to you. The next time she gets close, wants a private conversation with you, and begs for you to tell her what ELSE she can do for you, you’re going to tell her.

It could be a hot and torrid new love affair… there’s nothing like fucking your own employee, servicing you at your command… as long as she doesn’t react badly when she sees what you’re packing between your legs…