"I've turned into a huge fan of yours. Your style of speaking is very natural, easy going, entertaining, and very smooth."

Your Guardian Angel Reveals Herself to Ensure Your Heavenly Orgasm


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30 December 2011

Now, just what are you doing? Well, don’t stop on my account! Oh, I guess I may have startled you just appearing out of thin air like that. So sorry. Now, I have a bone to pick with you… Oh, who am I? Why, I’m your guardian angel, of course!

I’ve been with you since your very first days, watching you grow up, hovering over you, and … well, I just can’t stand by any longer and simply observe when I know you’re not getting the fulfillment from life that you should be getting… that you DESERVE!

Now, a new year is beginning, a fantastic, sexy-wonderful new year in which I know there are many, many surprises in store for you. Let’s start it off right, shall we? Now, let me guide you a bit and show you just how to get a truly satisfying orgasm… it’s time we spend more moments like this together.