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Your Greedy StepMother Isn’t Going to Share the Estate


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9 March 2011

I’ll be damned if I’m going to share the estate of my late husband with anyone aside from his damn son! I can’t believe I have to share at all… after all I’ve been through, all I did for his father!! At least it seems we have an excellent arrangement: my stepson and I. He’s safely locked in chastity as I wear around the key to his seed on my anklet day and night, and as I control his every orgasm (as well as personally ensure the demise of every single little squirmy sperm he produces) while he’s permitted to stay in the mansion that was his childhood home and live comfortably under my careful eye.

He provides me the occasional “service” as needed now that I’m without the benefits of having a husband around to take care of my womanly urges, and I can secure my own future by preventing that boy from ever reproducing… or even experiencing sex itself EVER!! I just have to remind him from time to time of just why he’s under lock and key, my watchful eye and motherly guidance, and essentially my foot slave as he masturbates to my sweaty soles and stinky shoe smell.

And tonight, if I need him, I’ll sneak into his room and force him to accept my pantyhose crotch riding his face!