“You are definetly a hard worker, Tara. You’re the most hardworking girl in the business. That’s why your fans love you so much.”

"You are definetly a hard worker, Tara. You're the most hardworking girl in the business. That's why your fans love you so much."

Saving a Month of Boss-Inspired Ejaculations in Exchange for a Raise


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30 May 2011

You’ve been such a good employee… you’re under my thumb and completely under my control. It’s a joy to be your strict boss, divvying up your punishment by the day. This time, I’ve directed you to save up a complete month’s worth of semen in an airtight vessel. I’ve promised you a raise of $600/week. You don’t know I only intend to give you a raise… in your pants.

You think I’m going to let you watch me lap it up myself; you THINK you’re going to see your own jizz dribble down your boss’s chin. But, as usual, you’re completely mistaken. You’re going to get all hot and bothered while I TEASE you about my intended cum play. Then, you’re going to use this funnel I’ve obtained especially for you and funnel that seed into your own ass.

THEN, you’re going to retrieve it once again and hold it within your own warm mouth… keep it toasty for me. And don’t you dare enjoy your own taste. You’re going to jerk off, and if I see you swallow down one single drop, you’ll be punished. Oops… you just ate your own raise.

And if you know you deserve further humiliation, that your dirty thoughts and submissive addiction merits downright degradation, then feel your guilt and dwell on it by paying an additional $25 Guilty-as-Charged penalty fee for this video experience. You’ll feel VERY satisfied when you know you’ve paid your dues. PAY UP!