“Your looks and attitude are second to none.”

"Your looks and attitude are second to none."

Rewarded for a Good Report Card with StepMom’s Sweaty Feet


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13 January 2011

What do you have there? What are you hiding behind your back, my favorite stepson? Why did you hurry right into my office after school? Let me see. Oh, WOW! I’m so very proud of you! Perfect grades and after all of our hard work together. Your father is going to be so very happy! And pleased with how we handled the situation and got you focused on your schoolwork again.

I do remember the reward I promised to you. You may go ahead and take your school clothes off, kneel down, and indulge in my sweaty feet fresh out of my stinky old slippers and socks and covered in toe jam! That’s such a good boy! And look at your little erection!

You know, I’ve been telling my girlfriends and your aunts about your condition, you know, your little fetish for feet. Oh, does that embarrass you? Well, then, stick your little nose between your stepmother’s smelly toes, take in a deep breath, and you’ll feel sublime again. Remember: don’t tell your father about this!