“There are so many free videos out there, but your videos are the best and I just have to own them myself.”

"There are so many free videos out there, but your videos are the best and I just have to own them myself."

Your Foot Fetish Grows Worse with your Every Orgasmic Visit to your Therapist


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10 November 2010

Well, hello, and welcome to my office again. I’m so glad you’re focused on continuing your very necessary and valuable treatment for your – ahem – condition. We won’t allow your fetish for women’s feet control your life. I believe you’ll feel much relieved and even a significant decrease in the power and influence of your lifelong fetish just as soon as you leave my office again after our session here together today. Now, please lie down and relax.

Just take a moment to describe to me your latest feelings and experiences. Please don’t be disappointed about your progress thus far. We have a long way to go. I have many new triggers… I mean, releases…. to instill in your subconscious as I ease you into another round of hypnotherapy.

Just relax, allow yourself to fall into a deep sleep, focus only on the gentle sound of my soothing voice, and…. now, turn your attention to my bare feet, the only feet you will ever be turned on by, the feet you will worship the rest of your life, the feet that you will do ANYTHING to be near – and often – and notice how your foot fetish is expanding in its power… over the curve of my ankles, up my calves, sliding over my thighs, and even to the roundness of my buttocks… a new fetish is developing, a leg fetish to partner with your existing foot fetish…

You’ll do anything, absolutely ANYTHING, for fulfillment, the fulfillment you find only your therapist can provide you with, the fulfillment and intense orgasm you’re about to experience…