"I am ever so grateful and appreciative of your work. Never in my life would I have imagined I'd send a thank you note to someone in the adult entertainment industry."

Your Foot Fetish Therapist Has an Ulterior Motive During Your Session


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15 October 2009

Welcome! I’m so glad to see you back for your second therapy session with me for your foot fetish condition. I have many happy clients returning week after week and very content with their progress. Go ahead and lie on the couch here next to me.

I want to present you with something new and see if you feel comfortable with another kind of therapy. How do you feel about hypnotherapy? What I would do is guide you into a gentle sleeping state using this pendulum necklace. You’ll feel completely relaxed and safe. While you are in a subconscious sleeping state, I’ll work with you in a very focused way to lesson the severity of your foot fetish and help relieve you of any symptoms. Are you ready to begin?

Just watch the charm rock back and forth, back and forth, listen to the sound of my soft voice…. Now, you are completely asleep, feeling very peaceful and calm, and you will not wake until I release you.

I want you to repeat after me: “I love my foot fetish. I love my therapist’s feet. I want to worship my therapist’s sexy feet and stroke my cock for her feet. I love my foot fetish….”