"When I see you on the screen, you make me weak. You make me long for you so much."

Revisiting Your Foot Fetish Therapist for a Dose of Humiliating Hypnosis


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5 February 2010

Back again so soon? You’re lucky that I managed to schedule you in at such short notice. My secretary says that you required a follow-up session urgently. I want you to relax now; you’re safe and secure here in my office and your foot fetish is completely under control when you’re in my hands.

Now, please let me know how you’ve been dealing with your fetish since our last session together. How much is your foot fetish now impacting your life? Now, I want to reassure you that these things always get much worse before they get better. Do not be concerned about your growing attraction to feet, your inability to control your fetish, or your constant thoughts about women’s feet.

I would recommend a second treatment of hypnotherapy, a higher level induction and more intensive session. Just relax… (you dirty little foot pervert who’ll be driven to remain my foot slave for life…)