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Every Man’s Fantasy: Your Babysitter Makes You a Man


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27 September 2013

Every man’s fantasy…. is to find your coming-of-age self under the care of a very hot babysitter, perhaps the first woman you’ve ever found yourself attracted to, right as your hormones are raging and you’re only just beginning to learn what pleasures your body – and the opposite sex – are capable of. The parents are long gone, it’s a sweet sultry summer night, and your own friends, school, and every other care are far from your mind. You’re alone with a very beautiful GROWN woman.

You wonder if she even realizes the power she has over you. Does she know what the sight of her fully developed tits pressed against that t-shirt due to you? Does she even realize just how short her denim skirt is? And those little summer sandals she’s wearing with the high heels. You could care less what shoes she’s wearing; you’ve never paid attention to female footwear before! But, you’re certain they’re doing something to the sight of her tan legs…

CONCENTRATE, you tell yourself. Gotta keep your eye on the television like a good little boy. Otherwise, she might find you out. You wouldn’t know what to do if she noticed anyway… what you’d say… or even more frightening, if you discovered she saw you as more than just another boy to babysit.

What if… what if… What IF she was keen on giving you all the answers you didn’t even yet realize you had questions for …and was more than willing to SHOW you how to implement them??