"I wish I had a way to describe what ends I would go to, and what it is you make me feel."

Your Female Supremacist Governess Forces Your First Orgasm into Proper Manhood


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4 November 2009

Your strict governess has something important to discuss with you, something she’s waited until your mother and father have left the house in order to speak to you about… privately… in her own bedroom. You’ve never entered her personal domain before, never been permitted to be so intimate with your own trusted governess.

All that you know is that your manly equipment between your legs has been reacting to the sight of your governess lately… and other women and girls. What could that mean? What to do with it? Oh, gosh, could your governess be punishing you for your uncontrollable reactions?!

What you don’t realize, are not possibly old enough to understand, is that your governess is a proud member of a female supremacist group, that she is set to instruct you on goddess worship under the guise of the necessity of instructing you on “proper conduct” for a “proper man.” What could possibly be in store for you behind closed doors confronted by your lovely governess?

Can your inexperienced mind even fathom being forced to breathe in her musky feminine scent as your head is held between her legs face to face with her naked womanhood, lips spread pink and vibrant, triggering your softly stroked dick to spurt forth with your very first orgasm?