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Horrified Out of Jerking to Your Mom Yet? Next Time Will Be Even Worse!


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12 December 2019

You naughty, naughty boy. I can’t believe I caught you jerking off in the kitchen… the KITCHEN of all places! Where were you going to spray it? In the sink?! You’re so dirty… so disgusting… and to find out you were jerking to ME, your own mother!!

You’re my son; you don’t get what your father gets. No. No, you can’t have these tits, not this pussy. No, you’ll never get to experience this mouth giving you the best blowjob of your life. Did you know your own Mom gives the very best blowjobs?

Is that what you were thinking about? Were you thinking about Mommy’s mouth on your cock? About fucking me in the ass? About these tits bouncing in your face and falling out of your mouth as you sucked away. You’re so dirty!

And you’re going to jerk it. Oh, yes. You’re going to jerk for me… suck on your own mother’s vibrator… and come all over your face. Because your mother says so!