“Wow, holy cow, Tara. You’ve really overwhelmed me. You are so talented and imaginative.”

"Wow, holy cow, Tara. You've really overwhelmed me. You are so talented and imaginative."

Torturous Teacher Brings Home Your Hardest Lesson


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14 September 2011

Hello… Are you going to invite your teacher in? You know I make few of these appointments for home lessons. If you weren’t such a bad student – with potential – I wouldn’t make the time for you. Now, we need to get right down to business and go over the past weeks’ lessons to prepare for your upcoming exam. Please direct me to your living room….

Turn to page 187 in your textbook and please read… Are you looking down my sweater?!?!? Now, FOCUS. I’ll have none of that. You’re going to LEARN something for my time. Are you now eyeing my legs?!?! Now, listen up, young man. I think we need a break. Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me? Now, drink up and… now, stop that right now. Your teacher is NOT a sex object. Why can’t you control yourself?

Ahem. Now, listen here. I’ll talk straight with you. I want you to LEARN from your instruction with me. How about if we make a little deal? Are you still fantasizing about your teacher’s cleavage? Then, I’ll make this offer one time and one time only. I will strip for you…. IF you agree to do EXACTLY what I say.

Good, good. Now that we have an understanding… there must be something in this kitchen I can use. I want you to take this wooden spoon and spank your cock and balls until you’re soft again. Do it!

(Mmmm… that’s a good boy. He’s actually following my orders. He’s SO eager to see me nude. I’m going to hold his attention just this powerfully, tease and punish, show a bit and punish again, use everything I can find in this kitchen and the living room as well to torture his poor young cock and balls with, make him feel pain for every erection while helping him work up another, again and again and again… and let him come a few times, MAKE him come a few times, enjoy the taste of his own seed… all to manipulate him into being my most attentive student in class…)