"You have a dangerous charm. I just want to say, keep up with what you are doing."

Your Ex-Wife Teases You with What You Want But No Longer Have


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31 December 2009

Aren’t you gonna invite me in? Now, that’s not very polite. After all we’ve been through together? Don’t look like such a pitiful puppy dog. Does that mean you miss your dear ex-wife? Oh, I can tell what that look on your face means… my new single life looks GOOD on me, doesn’t it! Ha! Especially with all the money you’ve been throwing my way. I look fabulous!

I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, having the time of my life, and I’ve even picked up new “skills,” if you know what I mean… too bad you don’t get to take advantage of them now! Well, I’m just here to collect this month’s alimony check. Hand it over. And stop looking so sad. I know you want me… you ALWAYS wanted what you couldn’t have! If you didn’t have such a soft spot for beautiful women, if you didn’t just completely collapse under their control with a flash of leg or a provocative posing of their luscious ass… why, we’d still be together then, wouldn’t we?

Mind if I check out the bedroom where all of our magic used to happen?? Why, you haven’t changed a thing! You are a sentimental one… and my sex toy stash is still here! Have you used my vibrator? Ha!

This big dildo reminds me of you… let me show you what I’ve learned since leaving you… and the sexy lingerie your money has bought me. And I’m going to show you everything I know you want but can’t now have…. while you can’t help stroking your big cock to the view!