"I think what might be the most erotic aspect of you is your very imaginative mind."

Your Naughty Step Auntie Teases Endlessly But Never Lets You Touch


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20 September 2009

I love it when you come over to visit. Thank you so much for staying with your Step Auntie! You know I get lonely when your uncle is away. This big old house is so scary, and sometimes we ladies need a big strong young man around!

Oh, did you bring your friend over as well? Now, tell your Auntie who this handsome young man is. Oh, you two must have all the girls wrapped around your little fingers! My, just look at those muscles!

Oh, now, why are you blushing, my favorite nephew? You know your Auntie loves to tease you. Is it because I’m sitting on your lap? Oh, you’re so silly. And you deserve all my compliments!

Now, I’m going to get you to something to drink… and I have something special for you, my darling nephew. Take this big vitamin and swallow it down… That’s a good boy. Oh, what do you think of my new anklet? Can you see it well enough when I hold my foot up like this? Oh, do my feet smell? Oh, my, you better smell them for me… I’m going out with my girlfriends tonight and don’t want stinky feet!

….Now, what do you think of this new bikini of mine? Will you tie the top up for me? You’re such a helpful nephew. What about my outfit for tonight? Is this skirt too short? Can you see my panties?

My… I can see that “vitamin” is really kicking in… Could you send your little friend home? Now, I can tell you’re looking at your Auntie in a very special way… Have you ever seen a woman naked? Would you like to see your Step Auntie’s wet pussy?

Now, I can show you – even play with my wet pussy in front of you – but you must NEVER TOUCH ME. No, no, that would be wrong. But you can watch…