"It was probably you who gave me my first experience of masturbating."

At Your Wife’s Request… AGAIN


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21 June 2016

I knew it would come to this. SOMEONE’s been sneaking more videos… MY videos… SOMEONE’s been found out again. And SOMEONE made his wife very angry. And you know what she does when she finds YOU out: she comes to ME.

With very specific instructions, I’m going to deliver your punishment. And since you slipped up since the LAST time, your punishment needs to change. That’s right… WE are making it harder on you, HARDER for your COCK.

It might hurt a little; it’s definitely going to cause you lots of personal anguish. …because you’re gonna be edged, teased, taunted… again and again. Because – as you should remember – you’re not supposed to get any release with ME… you’re supposed to SAVE IT FOR YOUR WIFE!!!!! You WILL NOT have a satisfying orgasm… I’m going to make you abandon it.

Oh, but it’s gonna feel SO GOOD – for both of us – to get you there, ALMOST there, again and again. Are you ready for your punishment??

(This is your fan-demanded followup to “At Your Wife’s Request.” Enjoy ’em together or separately!)