"I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing video! I have been disappointed several times before with other "artists", but you always deliver!"

Meet Your New Neighbor; She Intends to Blackmail You


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9 August 2009

Hi! I thought I’d walk over to introduce myself. I’m Tara, your neighbor right there across the street. I saw that you were home. So sorry that I missed your wife.

I brought you some homemade cupcakes! I’ll just set them right here for you… Mind if I have a seat? Oh, thank you for the glass of cool water. Mmmmm…. I like this stool. I’m propped up so high! Well, I can fill you in on all the gossip about all the residents on the block…

Wait a minute. Are you staring at my legs? Hmmmm… well, they are gorgeous legs, aren’t they? Would you like to take a closer look?

Oh, and this water really is so refreshing… mind if I drizzle some over my white top??